04 June, 2023

Regional Centre



Gyan Darshan Channel scheduled for today (31st October, 2022).

3.00-4.00 P.M
Experts: Dr. Daisy Thomas & Dr. Elizabeth Kuruvilla
School: School of Education (SOE)
Topic: B.Ed. Programme, Course - BES-121, Topic: Substance Use and Abuse
4.00-4.30 PM
Experts: Prof. Rashmi Sinha, Dr. Pankaj Upadhyay & Dr. Smarika Awasthi
School: School of Social sciences (SOSS-Anthropology)
Topic: Human Growth and Development, Code -BANE 109
4.30-5.00 P.M
Expert: Dr. Nidhi Tewatia
School: School of Social sciences (SOSS-Economics)
Topic:  Asymmetric Information, Code -BECC108
The Phone Numbers for interaction with the studio are 011-29532844, 011- 29532845 & Toll Free: 1800112346