15 April, 2021

Regional Centre



 The provision of re-admission ( including through Form – 3 ) has already been  withdrawn by the University. However, in order to facilitate the completion of their degrees, a last chance is being given to all such eligible students of MBA and MBA (Banking & Finance) programmes whose maximum duration of admission is coming to an end in TEE June 2021. These students have to take re-admission through Form – 3, in order to enable them to complete their remaining / left over courses whose maximum registration validity will be up to TEE June 2021. Furthermore, to facilitate such students enrolled in Management Programme the following have been finalised:


1.    The scheme will be available to all such students whose normal registration validity is coming to an end in TEE June 2021, as well as to students seeking re-admission, to complete their degrees.


2.    All the courses that are presently offered in both January and July cycles will be made available to these students for registration, as it will be their last semester/chance to complete their remaining courses and their MBA degree. This will be a one time measure only for the January 2021 session.


3.    Students who are completing their validity period in the January 2021 cycle / session (TEE June 2021) will be provided with an opportunity of registering up to 10 courses in this admission cycle, instead of 5 courses as was the practice so far.


4.    There will not be any academic counseling sessions for those courses which are originally slated to be offered in the July session, but are being offered to these students in this session (January 2021) as a one time relief measure.


5.    All the assignment question papers will be made available on the University’s website by SOMS for these students.


6.    These students will be provided with an extra provision of five more courses for appearing in the term end examination June 2021. These five courses will be over and above the maximum number of courses which are normally permitted for applying and appearing in the term end examinations.


7.    Any student who wants to register for more than 5 courses or for courses which are not ordinarily offered for registration during the January cycle, have to do so in the offline mode, through the RC only.


These guidelines are being issued with the approval of the competent authority.