14 June, 2021

Regional Centre



 Joint live session of  Gyan Darshan TV Channel, Gyan Vani, FM Radio Station and Gyan Dhara Web Radio scheduled for today (24th June, 2020). The live sessions scheduled are as follows:


1)10 am —11 am (GV+GD)

Topic: Aao Baat Karen

Expert:  Dr K Nilofer, SSC


2) 11am—12 (GV)

Topic: Project Work & DECE 3, Basics of Management of Early Childhood Education  Centre (Unit 17)

Expert: Prof Rekha Sharma Sen, SOCE


3) 12pm—1pm (GV)

Topic: Basics of Copyright

Expert: Dr Suneet Kashyap, SOL


4) 4pm-5pm (GV+GD)

Topic: Student Support Services

Expert: Dr Sweta Singh, RSD


5) 5pm—5.30pm (GV+GD)

Careers in Research

Expert: Dr Shikha Rai, SOJNMS


6) 5.30pm-6.30pm(GV)

Topic: Leadership BNS 110 Block 3 Unit 3

Expert: Ms Laxmi, SOHS