24 January, 2021

Regional Centre



 A joint live session of  Gyan Darshan TV Channel, Gyan Vani, FM Radio Station and Gyan Dhara Web Radio scheduled for tomorrow (30th April, 2020). The scheduled live sessions are as follows:

1.    10.00-11.00 am   Prof Suhas Shetgovekar             Topic: Kya Hai Monovigyan ?

                                          SOSS (Psychology)         

         2.    4.00-5.00 pm      Prof T K Jena, SOHS                  Topic: COVID-19 Awareness Campaign

 3.    5.00-5.30 pm      Dr Subodh Kesharwani &         Topic: B.Com. as a Bachelor's Degree:  

                                          Dr Madhulika P Sarkar              Knowledge, Position & Opportunity


 4.    5.30-6.00 pm      Prof. Satyakam, SOH                 Topic: Suno Kahani – Parinde Written by      

                                                                                                 Shri. Nirmal Verma