29 November, 2020

Regional Centre



 A joint live session of  Gyan Darshan TV Channel, Gyan Vani, FM Radio Station and Gyan Dhara Web Radio on 12th May, 2020. The live sessions scheduled are as follows:

1.    10.00:11.00 am  Prof Vijayshri, SOS                  Topic: Studying Units 9 and 10 of the(Physics)      Course BPHCT 131 
2. 4.00-5.00 pm       Prof. Rose Nembiakkim            Topic:  Concept of Difference and

                                SOSW                                          Inequality in Tribal Context


3.    5.30-6.00 pm     Prof. Satyakam, SOH                Topic: Suno Kahani - Adra, Written by Shri

                                                                                               Mohan Rakesh