14 June, 2021

Regional Centre



 Joint live session of  Gyan Darshan TV Channel, Gyan Vani, FM Radio Station and Gyan Dhara Web Radio scheduled for today (23rd June, 2020). The live sessions scheduled are as follows:

1)10 am —11 am (GV+GD)

Topic: Emergency of Sociology in India

Expert: Prof Debal Singha Roy  & Prof Rabindra Kumar, SOSS  


2) 11am—11.30am (GV)

Topic: Congestion Control ( Computer Network Course)

Expert: Sh Shashi Bhushan, SOCIS


3) 11.30am-12pm (GV)

Topic: Computer  System and Its Applications

Expert: Dr M P Mishra, SOCIS


4) 12pm--1pm (GV)

Topic: Descriptive Statistics

Expert: Prof. Manish Trivedi and Dr. Neha Garg, SOS


5) 3pm-4pm(GV)

Topic: International Market Segmentation and Foreign Market Selection, M.Com/PGDIBO, IBO-01

Expert: Prof Nawal Kishore, SOMS


6) 4pm--5pm (GV+GD)

Topic: Student Support Services

Expert: Dr Bir Abhimanyu, SRD


7) 5pm-5.30pm (GV+GD)

Topic: Careers in Television

Expert:Dr Amit Kumar, SOJNMS


8) 5.30pm-6.30pm(GV)

Topic: Guidance & Counselling in Nursing: Approaches & Processes, BNS 110, Unit 5&6

Expert:Prof Pity Koul , SOHS