08 December, 2022

Regional Centre



The Practical Examination for courses MANI-002, MANE-001 & MANE-002 (June 2021 TEE) for those learners who have given TEE-Dec 2021 theory and those who have given theory examinations earlier and could not give practical examinations, has been scheduled on Monday, 23rd of May 2022 and it will be conducted online (virtual viva voce of 15 marks). The question paper consisting of 15 marks will be forwarded to the email IDs of the eligible learners. The handwritten answer scripts with Enrollment no., Programme Code, Course Code & Mobile no. (preferable in A4 size paper) should be scanned & emailed  to the given email ids by Sunday evening. 

The Google Meet link for the Viva-voce is https://meet.google.com/kpz-zfyj-gyw.