14 June, 2021

Regional Centre



 Interactive radio counseling session can be accessed through radio at frequency 105.6 Mhz and through web at the link www.ignouonline.ac.in/gyandhara (through mobile by downloading the puffin browser and then using the same webaddress).


Gyan Darshan TV, DTH, CABLE TV can  be accessed on channel numbers -- AIRTEL- 442, TATA SKY-755, SUN DIRECT- 596, DISH TV - 991, INDEPENDENT TV- 566, DD FREE DISH- MHRD CHANNEL NO. 25, HATHWAY- 473, IN DIGITAL- 297, DEN- 526, and Gyan Darshan can also be accessed through web link at http://www.ignouonline.ac.in/gyandarshan/.

The sessions for 30th June 2020 are:


1)10 am —11 am (GV+GD)

Topic: Family And Marriage

Expert:  Prof Rabindra Kumar, SOSS


2) 11am—12 pm (GV)

Topic: Motivation and stress management: implications for teaching learning

Expert: Prof Vibha Joshi, SOE


3)12pm--1pm (GV)

Topic: Applications of Geoinformatics in Rural and Urban Areas

Expert: Dr. V. Sivakumar, C-DAC, Pune  and Prof. Benidhar Deshmukh


4) 3.30pm—-4pm (GV)

Topic: Fuels and their characteristics

Expert: Dr Shweta Tripathi, SOET


5) 4pm-5pm (GV+GD)

Topic:   Student Support Services    

Expert:  Dr Bir Abhimanyu, SRD        


6) 5.30pm--6.30pm (GV)

Topic: BSCNPB, Approaches and Processes in guidance and Counselling, BNS111,Block 1, Unit 6

Expert: Prof Pity Koul, SOHS